<narifuri>, the bicycle casual apparel brand creating clean and neat fashion for cyclist, has collaborated with Stream Trail to bring out the waterproof everyday bag for cyclists.The story began from the first impression of narifuri’s director, Kazumasa Kobayashi. “I thought that Stream Trail bags are suitable for bike riding.

Waterproof and good size. The good bag that we can’t make.”Kobayashi’s basic belief is that realizing something with collaboration, which couldn’t be done by himsel f. For a good example, narifuri has made a fashionable bicycle sui tes town called “HELMZ” wi th Japanese biggest bicycle brand, Bridgestone.
A fusion of functionality of real bicycle and design from narifuri. One of Kobayashi ’s
favorite collaboration products. “There is professionals in each industry. If non-pro
makes something just imitating how it looks, it will be just a copied product. It is much better to collaborate with pros, and create only real things, things which I want everybody to use and lasts”His passion made up this narifuri x Stream Trail Line collaboration bag. Waterproof bicycle bag. Having basic function of marche as a bag, having strap which is easy to adjust it ’s length by one hand when riding.
Then, wrapped it up with the narifuri’s iconic design, the dots. “Now we have the bag good for rainy days” says Kobayashi. He meant that the smart bag to live with bicycle has born on this planet.

Kazumasa Kobayashi

THE narifuri CONCEPT
narifuri is the fashion apparel suitable for bicycle riding.Not to look too spor ty, or becoming slovenly and looking unkempt.There is no need to be fabulous. But we don’t want to give up our sense of beauty in exchange for bicycle riding.
A shirt has to be a good shirt, as well as it’s good for riding. A jacket has to be beautiful, as well as functional.
The functionality for riding does exist, obviously, but it is kept low-key, so as not to be obvious.
nar i / fur i is clothing of this kind.
Clothings for people who need this kind of thing.

Street is the place where the new sense, the new expression born. MOUNTAIN BIKE from the
mountains, ROAD BIKE from the circuit, and SPEED CRUISER from the street. For all the
people who survives the town, creates the moment.
This bike is the new sense of value, of the bicycles.

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