Winter camping with ST

While I’ve been as a scuba diving instructor, I forgot my some different kind of activities.

As a camping and hiking. I loved hiking and swimming.
So when I learned scuba diving,
I was happy that I can swim in the ocean. It felt like a hiking in the water.
I addicted to go diving instead of hiking and then to be an instructor finally.
However, one of my priorities for new year was go hiking and camping with friends sometimes.

Yes! I was ready to go, so I went!!
Even though I wanted to go but I didn’t have any gear for camping especially in winter.

Fortunately my friends had all of that gears and we went to the forest.
It was extremely cold. It was almost -20 degrees. Can you imagine how that cold?
By the way, I brought camera in the Marche DX-3 and kept all mt stuff in the Dry Tank DX-25L.
I worried about that the bags will be hard in that cold weather, but it was fine. My friend Cheol made big tent and fired heater in the tent.
It was really cozy and warm. I went there Cheol and Hansung who are best friends from teenager.

We spent a great time in there for 2night 3days.
We walked the mountain in the morning and then drenk some morning wine.
We talked a lot like when we were young. Listened old musics which were our favorite musics..
I had done one of my priorities in new year.
It was freezing cold and uncomfortable but I could get many valuable things with my best friends.

Yes we are fourties! But we are still young even in our minds,, forever..