Ice diving with Stream Trail.

I met them(I want to call the Stream trail stuff as they or them from now, because they will be involve in my life many times.) in Dive Biz show.

First when I saw them I just liked their colour and different style of waterproof bags. I saw only one design of waterproof bags for diving. But I’ve used that kind of bags often. Because I’m a diving instructor, underwater photographer and underwater model. So I have to bring some stuff for my students and me all the time as dry.
However, I was interested them but I’ve started them after I heard about them from Hamachi san. How many kind of, how considered to make them, how fashionable design they have, how good quality of the material for them and how Hamachi san is enjoyed to make all of them.
So I could bring some of them to korea to use for my diving life.
First I went Ice diving with them. Actually, I worried about strength of the material. Because some times I saw some materials were cracked in minus degrees. But they didn’t make me disappointed on them at all. Of course it was frozen in the ice but didn’t get any cracks.
I have many different kind of bags for some reasons.
But I really like my camera bag and big back pack.
It’s not only for a camera bag but for me! It’s just perfect size for my camera and some more things. There is inner protection for the bag, so I can change different style of bags if I want with the protection.
Also, I love the big back pack! I put my drysuit and skin set, but it had enough room for the gears.
Of course it was very stylish, so many divers asked me where I got those awesome bags.
It was great time with my Stream Trail friends in the Ice diving last weekend.
I’m looking forward to go new journey with them.