Dogs with Jobs 4本足のレスキュー

26 December 2014 represents 10 years since our region was hit by the Tsunami which stole so many innocent lives from us. It was evident during the aftermath of the Tsunami that there were no trained Search & Rescue Dogs in Thailand available to help search for the missing.

As a result, Thailand Rescue Dog Association was born to ensure that certified K9‘s would be ready to help saves lives in any future disaster.
Thai-RDA is a volunteer, non-profit organisation, comprised of some very special K9 teams who are trained and certified according to the very high standards of the International Rescue Dog Organisation (IRO). Regardless of the weather, we train as a team every weekend and individually on a daily basis. Search and Rescue dogs cannot be shy, fearful or aggressive and they must love people. Our dogs are well-socialized, exercised daily and very well-cared for. Our Handlers are dedicated volunteers who respect their K9s and are passionate about working alongside their K9‘s to help those in need. We ensure our K9 teams are ready to serve whenever the call for help comes in.
タイ救助犬協会は、ボランティアで構成される非営利団体で、国際救助犬連盟(IRO)での高水準の訓練、公認をうけたいくつかのチームで構成されます。高温多湿の悪条件の中、毎週末のチームでの訓練と毎日の個別の訓練を欠かさず行っています。捜索・救助犬は、恥ずかしがり屋であったり、臆病であったり、攻撃的であってはならず、人間を愛することができる犬でなくてはなりません。また、救助犬のハンドラーは、パートナーである犬を信頼し、犬とともに救助を必要とする人々を助けたいと強く願うボランティアです。協会は、捜索救助の依頼があった際には、いつでも出動できるように準備を整えています。We like to expose our K9s to as many new environments as possible so that they learn to work anywhere. Thus, we try to change our training venue as often as we can. It’s also important that our dogs have the chance to find new “victims” and we enjoy welcoming volunteer ‘victims’ to join our training sessions. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting us in any way, please visit us at, call our office 02-617-2000 (Thai) or 081-791 6041 (English).
協会は、救助犬がより多くの場所や人に触れることによって、どのような現場でも活動が行えるように訓練をしています。そのため、訓練場所を可能な限り変更し、また異なる 「被害者」を発見できるよう、より多くのボランティアの被害者を募集しております。