ST in Eastern sea underwater photography competition.


Every year there are 3~4 national underwater photography competitions in korea.

This year there were two comprtitions in the Eastern sea.
Of course I participated in the competitions as an underwater model.

I brought Some ST friends this time.
Because it’s very useful for diving and many divers were wondering about those bags.

I brought Carryall DX-1 to keep my wet regulator and BCD, Dry Tank DX-25L for all of my belonging,
Drum for my small stuff,
Dry Roll DX-16 for my cosmetic stuff to make up Dry Cube-20L to keep my Wet suit and some more stuff
and HAW Expandable Duffle for my long fins.
HAW Double Door were also useful for my extra shoes and bikinis.

Especially this time there were two competitions in the other sites.
So we had to move often just after finished dive.
That meant I had to put that wet equipments in the car all the time.
So I put that wet things in Carryall Dx-1 and Dry cube.It made my car was clean all the time.

However,I stayed in the eastern sea for diving for 10days.
But I could dive only few days because the big Typhoon was coming to korea,
so the weather was very tough for some days.

Last Sunday, finally the competions were done and my photographer got the Grand prize for a wide angle with model category
and I got a gold prize for a modeling in one competition.
It was really happy moment! We are still waiting for the result for the other competition.
It was very long trip so I was very tired but it was wealthy!