Busan trip with ST

Me and my boyfriend went to Busan. Busan is the second biggest city and located south part of korea. It’s marine city.

In my opinion, Busan is the most beautiful and exotic atmosphere city.
This time I brought new ST friends which are

Roadster DX and Marche DX-3. Many times I used to put my camera in Marche Dx-3 but it was two tone colors design this time. It was so pretty. Of course it’s perfect size for my camera and lenses.

Especially this time I loved to bring my Roadster. It’s COOL! I like the splash color. It was really suit with my boyfriend.

The design is more suit with man than woman I think.

I use Dry tank some times but there is only one small pocket outside, so it isn’t comfortable. I can put just small things. But Roadster! there is a mesh back on the bag. It looks cool and very useful. Also there is laptop sleeve in the bag. It’s very thoughtful inner products for users I think.

I know how much the ST company concerns to make their products about details for users but whenever I use the products, it makes me impressed every single times. It’s amazing products. I love all kind of ST friends. I’m already excited to use other stuff.

This time those ST friends were great for me. It was rain when we went Busan but I didn’t need to worry about my camera and stuff in the rain at all. They are perfectly waterproofed. It was one more awesome trip with ST friends.