Skin diving with ST

I have a club which is called “Korea underwater model school”.
There are 10 members to work together. The modeling isn’t their main job. But we are all divers who love the ocean.

Why I made this school is, I wanted to make female divers to be more beautiful and professional in the water.
So I teach them how can they pose with wide angle under the water.

We went a swimming pool to take profile pictures for our homepage and then trained skin diving.
Even though there were only three members, we had fun time.
I had to bring long fins for them. Long fins are very important equipment for modeling.
It make our legs look longer and slimmer in the picture.

So I put the long fins and skin equipments in the Dry tank, toiletries in the Marche DX-3 and camera in the Marche DX-2.
When I came into the swimmingpool, many divers looked my bags. Also some divers asked me where they can get the stuff.
However, the Dry tank was very useful to keep all of my equipments and I couldn’t feel it was heavy,
because the protection on the backside was thick and soft so it made my back comfortable to carry the heavy and big bag.
Also, I have to bring my toiletries and make up stuff whenever I go swimmingpool and diving to check make up between lessons, so this time I tried to put the stuff in the small bag.
It was very comfy to put on the floor and then to use during lessons and taking pictures.