LandBridge, Backpack

This back pack is the best one I have ever had.
I came across this 2months ago and been heavily it using ever since my criteria for choosing a backpack is pretty straight forward.

It’s gotta have all the nifty functions that enables me to optimize my day.
And above all it’s got to have a style.
You don’t see many people using a Alpine style backpack for work and I guess it would seem rather informal,
but this particular Backpack has the feature of an Alpine back pack with many functions that are mostly optimized for a working environment adding a business tone to the product and I like it.
My Primary usage is day to day work in office, Domestic travels, and Foreign business trips It is perfect to fit in 1 – 2 days of cloths, PC, Notes and e.t.c all in one.
Other Usage for me for Non working days would be to go out with the family.
Being a father of two young kids, you need a backpack to stow many things.
The others would be my hobby Fly Fishing.
This pack allows me to stow the equipments perfectly to go from one place to other.

Description that would differentiate this back pack from any other out there
1.Alpine Style Back pack with Business features
2.enables users to use for Private, Business, and even business trips Foreign and domestic
3.Allows to stow PC Notes Cloth and Amenities all in one
4.Allows user to be able to use both hands for other purposes
5.Has 2 neoprene pockets on the side
6.Has 2 neoprene pockets on the shoulder belt
7.Meshed Material on the Shoulder belt and back side of the pack
8.Cushoned pocket inside the pack to stow PC Tablets and other electric devices