ST for Underwater Modeling in the East sea.

I’ve written an article about photographers and my story in the korean diving magazine for 2years so far.

I decided to write about a photographer but I didn’t have some pictures with him. So we went to the east sea for photographing.
The weather was pretty warm and sunny. When I arrived the diving resort, I had to make up. Especially eye make up.

Usually I’ve been modeling for silhouette scenes, but sometimes photographers want for close up scenes.
So I always put a make up before modeling just in case.
For that reason, I always have to prepare many stuff for diving.
This time I put make up stuff,laptop, extra cloth for the dry suit..etc in the Dry tank.

After finished the make up, we got on the boat.
I brought Dry tank to keep dry my towels, hat, sunglasses, mirror(use it when I have to check the make up meanwhile.),camera, sunblock and antifog for a mask.
Dry tank was good to save my all that stuff from water and wind on the boat.
Also it was bright orange color, so pretty and safe.

Underwater was very calm and beautiful.
The visibility was over 15 meters and temperature was 7 degrees..a little bit cold but great diving it was…
There were various corals, anemones, fish and octopus. We played with the octopus for a while.
It was great time with the photographer and we had all done well to take some awesome pictures together.
Now I have to write my article for the beautiful moments.