ST with Public transportations

Today when I went to work with Pocket Master DX-M by public transportations.
Sometimes if I have a meeting in downtown, I don’t bring my car.

Because it’s really hard to find a parking lot and expensive in Seoul.
However, I had to bring my ipad and some more things for the meeting but I was surprise the bag was enough length and size for that.
It looked very small bag, but it was good when I use public transportations.

First reason, it’s a small and comfortable to wear.
Second, it’s safe!
The subway in Seoul, it’s always pack of people. So we have to keep an eye on our bag all the time on subway, but I didn’t need to do.
The velcro was really hard and loud to open , so nobody couldn’t take it off secretly in public. But it’s good and bad.
Sometimes the loud sound makes me embarrassed in public. Haha~

By the way, I was very satisfied with the Pocket master before I saw the backside when I got home.
I wore jeans at that time and went somewhere all day long.
So backside of the bag was touched with my lap and stained blue from my jeans.
When I saw that, I was surprise and a little bit disappointed on that.
Because I was pretty sure about the stain wouldn’t disappear, but in case I tried to wash it by wet cloth.
Wow! it was disappeared the most of stains immediately!

It didn’t make me disappointed on me as I expected about the quality.
I would bring it whenever I have to use public transportations from now on.^^