Lyn Chung (Pro Underwater Model and Photographer)

My major was Ceramic art when I was in a collage.
So I worked as a designer and displayer in a ceramic and home fashion company for 3 years.

At that time I learned scuba diving for my hobby, but I was getting crazy in diving.
So I quitted the job and then went to Saipan to learn scuba diving for 1 year.
Finally I got an instructor license and then came back to korea.
I opened own my diving shop in 1999. From that time I had worked hard as a scuba diving instructor for 11years.
Also, I started to take underwater pictures.
Many times I participated to underwater competitions but I thought we need some professional models always.
Of course there was only one member who was me in the beginning.
Many divers laughed at me but I didn’t care about that.
I didn’t know anything about a modeling but I tried do my best.
So many photographers, who worked with me, could get grand prize always.
But I wanted to change something new in my life, so sold everything and then went to Canada to study.
I had lived there for 3years.
However, when I came back to korea, I want to work as a professional underwater model and photographer.
So I restarted the model school again.
Also, I’ve worked in clothing company with my family.
Now, I have 10 members in my school.
It’s not enough members to work yet but I’m pretty sure it will be great work for female divers in Korea.
I hope many female divers do something as professionals in scuba diving society,so my goal is make a female scuba diving association one day.